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i know this sounds really dumb but can you make a gradient tutorial please? like how to use them?? i know how to get to it in the layers and all but people are always saying "set the colors to this and this" and i can never figure out how to do that, for me it just says blending mode and 1 basic color from a drop down menu. i hope that made sense & if you could help i'd love that! thank you & your blog is great!! :) i use ps cs6 btw :) .xxx

i shall try and make tutorial soonish

aamir reaction gifs jee <3 :D

some are posted bbg shall make more of them

Cocktail Reaction Gifs

aamir khan reaction gifs please?:'D

done and posted


Oye shrutiii! I want sid malhottie gifset fulll of his body smile face jzbzjsnssjbdidn make it pretty so i can droool the whole time okay :) like forever is also good hehehehhee okaaay byeeee! AND GUISE AWSOME WORKKK LOVELIESSSS!!

done and posted bbg….i hope ya like it


Abhimanyu + Dress Porn